Ultrasound to Detect Leaks

16 Mar Ultrasound to Detect Leaks

Previously to detect a leak and its source was necessary to drill floors or walls to locate the damage and to remedy this brought result in higher costs for the owner in addition to the great inconvenience this generated property.
Plumbers Bogota has updated today with devices and high technology that allow us to know the exact point where the pipe is damaged or defective, by vibrations they generate, also we have additional devices such as cameras or geophones
When leakage occurs in a water pipe under pressure, water flows to the outside at high speed towards the surrounding soil, which causes the tube material to vibrate at the exit point. These vibrations or sounds transmitted through the tube and may even sighted in remote contact points, for example, valves. This sound (called structural) can be heard with the AQUAPHON.
Plumbers devices Bogota has excellent quality and technology imported from Germany tip, our staff is trained by European experts, which allows our work to be performed in less time, minimizing any inconvenience or disruption to your SME or company.
Our experience, commitment, seriousness and compliance are our letter of recommendation, we provide our customers comfort and satisfaction when making a repair.
For any loss or escape of water to the easy call 717 1710 line for prompt repair your pipes.

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