Plumbers 24/7

16 Mar Plumbers 24/7

Plumbers Bogota is located in the welfare of their customers, because we are a growing company inspired by their daily work, and seeks the comfort of all its users, by providing a closer accompaniment to place ourselves in the town of Chico and providing our services 24 hours a day.
Our staff is comprised of professional plumbers supported by equipment such as digital geophones, geophones with scanner and leak detectors, with which we locate and repair without breaking all kinds of obstacles and leaks. also conducted pipe fittings, sewerage and plumbing in general.
Leak detection and sewer pipes without breaking. quickly respond to their requests for service and guarantee our work plumbing.
We carry out inspections to your pipes or sewers with video cameras that allow examine the state of the network to identify the plumbing problem.
We can give you a copy of the videos of his pipe.
We have manholes for leaks into your pipeline, as well as tracer gas and alphanumeric geophones.
Our experience, commitment, seriousness and compliance are our letter of recommendation, we provide our customers comfort and satisfaction when making a repair.
For any loss or escape of water to the easy call 717 1710 line for prompt repair your pipes.

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